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What is a “Guaranteed Departure” Tour by Interlude Tours?

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Interlude Tours is a proud partner of Travel Alliance Partners, LLC (TAP)

Interlude Tours is a proud partner of Travel Alliance Partners, LLC (TAP)

Our online itineraries and blog posts state whether a tour is a “guaranteed departure” (most of our tours are). What is the meaning of this special benefit that Interlude Tours offers to you?

Per our website,

You are assured that your dream vacation will operate on the day it is scheduled and will not be canceled due to a lack of participation.

You are assured of a quality tour. We only participate in tours that match our rigorous standards of quality.

A tour that always departs on time–a tour that can’t be canceled. When you are planning an important vacation (and they are all important!), the last thing you want is for the trip to be canceled. With a guaranteed departure tour by Interlude, you never have that concern.

How do we do it? Interlude Tours is a member of Travel Alliance Partners, LLC (TAP), whose About page says,

You can also be assured of the quality of these packages. Travel Alliance Partners, LLC, better known as TAP, is owned by qualified, reputable North American Tour operators. We work together to develop and promote tour packages with the highest quality, the best value and the biggest variety. You will not find on any other travel site, such a large collection of unique travel opportunities from such a wide variety of operators…. And, they areGuaranteed to Go!

Our current collection of Guaranteed Departures can take you to your favorite destination in the United States, Canada and many exciting places around the world.

Although we select a number of tours to promote on our website and this blog as “featured” tours, all of the TAP guaranteed departure tours are available to you through Interlude Tours. In fact, we always have this list of TAPintoTravel guaranteed departures online for you to peruse.

For our featured TAP tours online, we include airfare from Indianapolis. We can, however, arrange air travel and prepare itineraries for you no matter where you live in the US or Canada. Please call us, and we will assist you immediately.

If you are looking for your trip of a lifetime, look no further. A guaranteed departure tour from Interlude Tours is certain to exceed your highest expectations!

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