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Living Under the Tuscan Sun

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Tuscany Guided Vacation

Image Courtesy Steve CC BY-SA 2.0_Flickr

Being of Italian heritage I am absolutely in love with everything Italian …and so will you be after visiting the wonderful destinations planned for you on this guided vacation to the backroads of Tuscany and Umbria.  You will be amazed at the art, the architecture and … the churches and cathedrals are simply incredible.  I could write all day about the food and the wine – no sulfides equals no buzz, only fresh taste and incredible flavors!

Anyone who has read Under the Tuscan Sun will resonate with our visit to Cortona.  Frances Mayes helped put it on the map!  Your hotel may not be Bramasole, but for four nights you will be living Under the Tuscan Sun in a converted 17th Century farmhouse, totally updated for comfort and convenience, but filled with old world charm and ambience – complete with pool!

This Interlude offers the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Italian cooking demonstration, visit an olive oil press and learn how extra virgin olive oil is made.  You also will see how Italian ceramic pottery is made – I have much of it inherited from my Nonna –  and also see how gelato, true Italian gelato, is created – just yummy.

The food throughout Italy is simply amazing!  It is fresh, it is herb -alicious, and it is plentiful – so savor and enjoy every bite and do step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Interestingly when you travel throughout Italy the food is nothing like you’ve known it in the U.S. – for starters, it’s all 1000 times better. Important: though nobody will stop you, never drink cappuccino after an evening meal. In Italy cappuccino’s are solely a morning drink (as are lattes). Italians think that drinks that contain hot milk hinder digestion, so it would be totally inappropriate to drink them after a full meal. Ordering one in a restaurant after lunch or dinner will immediately mark you as a tourist. Post dining what I would suggest is a small powerful espresso to help you digest and give you a boost of energy or a sinfully delicious Sambuca or Limoncello. Salute!

On this guided vacation through Tuscany and Umbria, there is lots of free time to explore historic neighborhoods, visit wineries and museums and fully enjoy the good life. Please read the complete itinerary and don’t miss out on a chance to live, if only for a short while, La Dolce Vita.

Backroads: Tuscany & Umbria (click here for details)

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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