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So much to see – so much to do – with your free time in Quebec City.  Savor the European charm that this city exudes. You may want to take a walking tour or a horse-drawn carriage ride to get a true feel for the unique historic district.

Or, you know I am always all about the food and here, fine dining and shopping are an art form, particularly along rue Saint-Jean and rue Saint-Louis, where European charm adds that dash of flair. Welcoming you with open arms, this city is a sumptuous culinary encounter.

May I suggest a splurge with an afternoon tea at the Le Chateau Frontenac? Located inside the walls of Old Quebec, the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac has undergone a multimillion dollar renaissance project aimed at repositioning it as one of the world’s leading hotels. The restoration blends the charm of the hotel’s enchanting past with modern innovations, creating an interesting allure.  No time for tea, stop by and just look around – it is well worth your time just to see the place. Note, this hotel played a starring role in 1943 when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill chose Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City for his 1943 wartime meetings with Franklin D. Roosevelt and William Lyon Mackenzie to devise their plans for the Allied Forces’ campaigns overseas.

Breakneck Steps (L’Escalier Casse-Cou)

break neck

The name “breakneck” makes it sound dangerous, but it is not. These stairs bring you from the upper section of Old Quebec (where Chateau Frontenac is located) to the lower section and are always worthy of a photo and continually offers surprising finds.

The Dufferin is a busy place with souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. You could easily spend all your free time here just walking on the small cobbled pathways. It’s also a great place to buy yummy macaroons!! Cobble stone streets, the sounds of musicians playing in the background, quaint little shops and delicious food or snack. What’s not to love? The architecture is amazing, the people are wonderful. This is an area of many pubs and restaurants and a truly unique place to savor and soak up the culture.  La vie est si bonne. (Life is good.)

Love Museums?  Please consider a visit to Musee national des beaux-arts du Quebec, an impressive repurposing of an older architectural style that works beautifully with the many modern exhibits. You will find the exhibits in this museum extremely well done – professional, haunting, classy and uncluttered. The Musee is located in one of the several parks that spread out beyond the Plains of Abraham, so it is a perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy the ambience.

Another wonderful highlight of Quebec City is the Grande Allee. This gorgeous boulevard is lined with outdoor cafes, amazing restaurants, stunning hotels, boutiques, nightclubs, and the most picturesque architecture and gardens. It is rich in history, rich in high end to moderately priced restaurants and bars and rich in gorgeous gardens and fountains.  Many quaint side streets off the Grande Allee offer the same amenities. This is a truly beautiful area full of life and fun… just another great spot in this beautiful city.

Note: If you get the chance, order as the locals do and snack on poutine—french fries with gravy and cheese curds. I’ve never tried it but it is supposed to be quite the treat!

Please read the complete itinerary and plan to join in the fun, food and flavor of French Canada. La vie est courte, tout faire! (Life is short, do it all!)

French Canada and Niagara Falls – 9 Days, 8 nights (click here for details)

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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