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If you haven’t seen Yellowstone in Winter, –  you simply haven’t seen Yellowstone. Here, winters are white, snowy and austerely beautiful. Wildlife viewing is great during the wintertime, as the deep snow drives elk and bison to the park’s thermal areas.  Other common sights for the winter visitor are bald eagles, coyotes, wolves and river otters.  Winter transforms Yellowstone into a crystal wonderland where the geologic “fire” that simmers just below the surface reacts with the ice and snow of the season. The juxtaposition is  “steamy” at Yellowstone’s thermal basins and hot springs, which become pure magnets for wildlife seeking warmth and food.  The safest and best way to have this experience is on board a snow coach.

Once on board, you will see a world that is normally hidden. A snow coach is one of the best ways to see the full majesty of Yellowstone, the animals and geological formations in the winter, including Firehole Falls, Fountain Paint Pots and Old Faithful. Sit back and take in the scenery as we journey to Jackson Hole. Riding one of these over-snow vehicles is an exhilarating experience in its own right. Comfortable for everyone of any age, these climate- controlled, customized touring vans create an amiable environment from which you can view the abundant wildlife and thermal activity.  You can count on making numerous stops along the way; so that those who wish can disembark for a more personal experience and photo op.  This Interlude with Nature will not soon be forgotten!  Definitely worth a spot on your “Bucket List”- you won’t be able to wait to tell your family and friends about this fantastic adventure! Be sure to watch for Yellowstone wolves, bison digging for grasses under the snow, nesting bald eagles, and the famous Yellowstone elk herds. Here, propellant geysers, bubbling hot springs and hissing fumaroles are all on display. These snow coaches have large, clear, untinted windows that are designed for once-in-a-lifetime Yellowstone photographic opportunities. Like a magical Polar Express, they get you to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful basin and other scenic spots regardless of snow conditions or inclement weather.

A bonus is the camaraderie you will enjoy of fellow snow coach travelers. The snow coach tour guides deliver interpretive information en route to enrich and enliven the experience. They also have been known to tell a joke or two, or lead the group in campfire-inspired song. Wonderful things can  and do happen within the friendly confines of a warm and toasty snow coach! A happy travel escapade is just waiting to enfold you!

The world’s first national park, Yellowstone (est. 1872) is an authentic American icon, a designated World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. It’s also tons of  fun in winter.  Please review the complete itinerary and sign up for this phenomenal winter travel experience.  You will be so happy that you took the plunge and pursued this wonderful opportunity.  Pack accordingly and please don’t forget your camera!

Yellowstone in Winter (call for departure dates) 6 Days, 5 Nights

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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