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A Scenic Float and A Western Lodge

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Red Cliffs Adventure

Image Courtesy Red Cliffs Lodge

On this guided vacation, you will enjoy a simply scenic rafting experience featuring an absolutely astounding view of Fisher Towers, a group of unusual vertical cliffs and pinnacles, now eroded into jagged shapes on the top and grooved down the sides. The cliff faces are partially covered by dried red mud, creating a strange looking texture similar to that found in some other Southwest locations.  Although primarily used by hikers, it is truly a site to behold from the water.  Your raft travel provides you with an exceptional vantage point to savor the Red Cliffs and learn about the unique geology of Castle Valley.  Imagine yourself gently floating down the relaxing Colorado River surrounded by glorious Southwest topography. This is an inimitable experience featured on this Interlude.

Your “home away from home” for a few days is the Red Cliffs Lodge.  This is definitely part of the Red Cliffs journey, as it is securely burrowed along the banks of the Colorado River, walled by deep-cut Canyonlands and sheer cliffs – an award-winning part of the Moab’s National Park Experience. Positioned beside the river’s best white water rapids and at the base of dramatic red rock cliffs, the Lodge is best described as a classically rugged Western landscape worthy of Hollywood.  If you’re a fan of John Wayne and westerns in general, you will love the movie museum at the resort which houses memorabilia from the many movies “The Duke” and others filmed in this area.

The Lodge offers numerous activities and amenities for you to enjoy before dinner.  You’ll dine at The Cowboy Grille which offers both fine dining along with ranch favorites. With a winery, right on the property, may I suggest you add a bottle of Castle Creek wine to complete your meal and, after your day of adventure, why not treat yourself to a decadent dessert – they are scrumptious! 

On this Interlude, you have the opportunity to unleash your “inner cowboy” and enjoy a brush with the beautiful Moab region of the Southwest. Please read the complete itinerary and prepare to head West – you’ll long-remember this travel experience.

Red Cliffs Adventure by Rail (click here for details)

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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