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American Queen

Image Courtesy American Queen Steamboat Company

You will never have quite the experience that the American Queen offers! This grand lady is the largest and most lavish river boat in the world – a true triumph of American ingenuity. Dominating the river, she epitomizes the grace and grandeur that has made river cruising a cherished American tradition for more than two centuries by combining the very best of the old with all the convenience and amenities of the new.

Imagine the freedom of unpacking only once and the luxury of your own personal attendant. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Once on board you are transported to the refined era of American Victorian. This cruise experience evokes a slower, gentler time; refreshing mind, spirit and body.  The Queen is the epitome of opulent and luxurious, with glistening woodwork, fresh flowers and fabulous antiques.

Your river cruise on the American Queen is a sumptuous experience from your pre-cruise deluxe hotel stays, to the remarkable Hop-On Hop-Off shore excursions in each port. You will long remember the fabulous dining venues with exceptional cuisine, nightly entertainment and dancing, wine and beer with dinner, 24-hour room service, and the warm hospitality of an all-American, well trained crew –AND…it’s all inclusive!

When cruising the Lower Mississippi River, you’ll meander through centuries-old shaded oak trees, elegant Antebellum plantations, cotton fields and Civil War memorials. You will take a step back in time and journey through the rich history and cultural diversity of the Old South. The indescribable perspective of the river offers an opportunity to discover an authentic America just waiting to be discovered and it is really unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Hop-On Hop-Off allows you to enjoy sidewalk cafes and jazz clubs, barbeque hotspots and soulful blues as you celebrate fantastic modern day attractions blended with timeless and treasured southern traditions.

There are many dates and itineraries to choose from, call for a catalog while great discounts are available for those who book early. This voyage is truly an Interlude to remember!

American Queen – New Orleans to Memphis (click here for details)

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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