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Want a really fun day that you will never forget?  On this Interlude through California and many famous and varied train-related experiences, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy a true blast from the past when visiting Railtown 1897 State Historic Park and a deep step back in time.  The vintage passenger, locomotive and freight cars, along with the historic buildings provide authenticity to a trip back to the wildly exciting days of steam-train travel.  Located  right in the middle of a working train depot, be prepared for blowing smoke and loud whistling! You will be impressed with the full-sized and beautifully restored 1920’s roundhouse with the coolest turntable, only one of two remaining in the United States, plus a functional blacksmith shop and a fascinating belt-driven machine shop.  The restored engines are more than impressive and the knowledgeable tour guides give you a real sense of locomotive history. Here you become totally immersed in the wonderful world of trains.  The roundhouse is still operating and there is a lot of railroad equipment to see and touch.  Inside the building you can find lots of old movie trains and tools – you are even bound to come across some metal parts – grimy and rusty- and puddles – it is truly authentic. Long considered a special location, film producers clamored for the ruggedly perfect landscape of the Sierras, with miles of track and a plethora of old trains.  Be on the lookout for the “star” of Railtown, Locomotive No.3 – a train that has appeared in more than 200 films since 1919.

Pictures are encouraged and you’ll want to take them to capture this totally unique travel experience. When you take the train ride, you will be riding in a Pullman passenger car pulled by an old steam locomotive. The six-mile roundtrip takes you through the scenic Sierra foothills – landscape to truly please the eye. That isn’t something you get to do every day!  Savor and enjoy this completely unique and compelling experience on this fully-escorted Interlude through California.

Caution: Watch out for the gift shop – lots of great stuff for young and old alike.

If you love trains, old westerns or even history, this place is a true winner and only one of the fascinating highlights on this exciting and fun-filled tour.  Please read the complete itinerary and call to reserve your own “railroad adventure”.

California Rail Tour – 8 Days, 7 nights (click here for details)

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