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Canyon de Chelly Guided Vacation

Canyon de Chelly National Monument_Image Courtesy Wolfgang Staudt CC BY 2.0_Flickr
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Enjoy remote scenic parks and incredible attractions as you delve into the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Monuments that are only the beginning of some of the most beautiful natural wonders throughout New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Your day of exploring the Canyon de Chelly will be filled with history and legend when you jump into your four-wheel drive SUV to tour this exquisitely rugged countryside. Travel through Mesa Verde for an extensive driving tour that will leave you in awe as you discover massive cliffs and the famous Cliff Palace. Your dinner in Durango and visit to the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings are an authentic adventure. Trading Posts and Homesteads are all included in this southwestern Interlude.

This may be your only chance to go to all these remote scenic parks and attractions on this uniquely designed tour. Join Chris McCool as he applies his incredible knowledge of this area to this fascinating tour.



  • Visit 4 Remote National Parks & Monuments:
    –  Petrified Forest & Painted Desert
    –  Canyon de Chelly Navajo Park
    –  4 Corners
    –  Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings
  • Drive famous Route 66 through NM & AZ
  • Spend two nights at Canyon de Chelly in the famous Thunderbird Lodge
  • Canyon de Chelly SUV tour
  • Tour Acoma Sky City Pueblo
  • Visit Hubbell Trading Post & Homestead
  • Visit Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque

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