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North West Scenic Adventure

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The purest of alpine experiences await you on this impressive visit to our Northern neighbor. Banff is bursting with great scenery, and I can only hope to give you a tiny taste of what is in store for you on this spectacular tour. You will enjoy all the comforts of home in the town of Banff and the village of Lake Louise. The hamlet of Lake Louise, located just minutes from the lake itself, has been developed over the last century to serve the needs of travelers visiting this picturesque area of Banff National Park.  It’s all just waiting for you to explore and enjoy. Banff  National Park was Canada’s first established national park and is situated in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains. Boasting a gorgeous amalgamation of coniferous forests, dramatic mountain terrain, ice fields and glaciers, it is a haven for sightseers, nature lovers and all kinds of adventurers.  It boasts unparalleled mountain scenery nestled in the heart of the magnificent Canadian Rockies. I’ve been told that you are likely to see a grizzly bears, caribou and wolves!   The Park astonishes all who visit it with its sheer natural beauty and scenery.  A photographer’s dream! US-Canadian National Parks Guided VacationOn this escorted Interlude, you will marvel at the emerald waters of Lake Louise, walk amongst the flower-filled areas at Sunshine Meadows, and drive beneath the towering jagged peaks lining theIcefields Parkway. Snow-capped peaks, glistening glaciers and sweeping vistas are just one part of the allure that is calling you to Banff.  Lake Louise has become symbolic of the quintessentially Canadian mountain scene. This alpine lake, known for its sparkling blue waters, is situated at the base of the very impressive glacier-clad peaks that have long been at the heart of Canadian mountaineering. Lake Louise is a protected mountain destination that is located very close to world-class hotels, postcard perfect lodges, dining options and all kinds of activities. Just the photo ops make this destination a real MUST.  And to sweeten the pot, the assortment of shops and boutiques in both Banff and Lake Louise make this adventure a treasure-trove of opportunity. US-Canadian National Parks Guided VacationBanff’s only Gondola takes you up to the top of Sulphur Mountain where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Canadian Rockies.  Whisking you up to an elevation of 7,486 feet in about an 8 minute ride, the Sulphur Mountain Gondola gets you to a summit with some of the most incredible views of Banff and the mountains surrounding it,  and, of course, the proverbial gift shop. You may have an opportunity to walk on the boardwalk to the next peak and the observation decks.  Because it is usually colder at the top, I suggest that you dress in layers so you can comfortably enjoy the landscapes. As you travel along the Trans Canada Highway you’ll have the opportunity to see one of the greatest engineering feats of the modern world – the Spiral Tunnels. The famous Spiral Tunnels on the CP Rail Line were opened on September 1st, 1909. The route called for two tunnels driven in three-quarter circles into the valley walls. The construction and extra track effectively doubled the length of the climb and reduced the gradient to 2.2%. The labor force to build these tunnels through sheer rock amounted to about a thousand, and the cost was about 1.5 million Canadian dollars. This is one of the steepest, most scenic railway lines in North America, crossing the Kicking Horse River, and running under Mount Ogden and Cathedral Mountain, towards the town of Field, BC. US-Canadian National Parks Guided VacationOn the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) there is a very interesting display detailing the history of the tunnels, how they were made, and how they work. If you arrive at the right time, you may see a train using the tunnels. It’s indescribable, as the train looks like a snake in a coil. Unfortunately though there isn’t any consistent time when you’ll see a train pass through, so it’s up to pure luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed! This luscious escorted vacation puts you in six National Parks, exposes you to many once in a lifetime experiences and offers great dining, shopping and sightseeing.  Please review the entire itinerary and check your passport to be sure it’s valid before signing up for this impressive north western sojourn.

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