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Bethlehem-Church of the Nativity

Image Courtesy Berthold Werner Public Domain_Wikipedia

Sea of Galilee-Boat Cruise

Image Courtesy Lux Moundi CC BY-SA 2.0_Flickr

Sea of Galilee

Image Courtesy Larry Koester CC BY 2.0_Flickr


Image Courtesy Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0_Flickr


Image Courtesy Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0_Flickr

Mt Tabor-Church of the Transfiguration

Image Courtesy Partick Brennan CC BY-SA 2.0_Wikimedia

Mount of Beatitudes-Church of the Beatitudes

Image Courtesy Israel Tourism CC BY-SA 2.0_Wikimedia

Megiddo-Cananite Alter

Image Courtesy Carole Raddato CC BY-SA 2.0_Flickr

Meggido-Aerial View

Image Courtesy Avram Graicer CC BY-SA 3.0_Flickr

Masada-Byzantine Gate

Image Courtesy Oren Rosen CC BY-SA 3.0_Wikimedia