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Port Gibson-Claiborne Courthouse

Image Courtesy Infrogmation CC BY-SA 3.0_Wikimedia

New Orleans-Cafe Du Monde-Beignets

Image Courtesy Jc. Winkler CC BY 2.0_Flickr

Hughes_H-4_Spruce Goose_Evergreen Museum- McMinnville

Image Courtesy Gregg M. Erickson CC BY_SA 3.0_Wikimedia

Beach North of Cape Sebastian

Image Courtesy CC BY-ND 2.0_OCVA Oregon Coast Visitors Asso

Oregon Coast Highway 101

Image Courtesy OCVA CC BY-ND 2.0_Oregeon Coast Visitors Asso

Oregon Coast Aquarium-Newport OR

Image Courtesy OCVA CC BY-ND 2.0_Flickr

Multnomah Falls

Image Courtesy Travel Oregon

Marine Discovery Tours

The Boat Discovery_Image Courtesy Marine Discovery.com

Rose Festival-Grand Floral Parade

Image Courtesy Portland Rose Festival.Org

Oregon Skakespeare Festival Theater

Image Courtesy Jenny Graham_OSF Oregon Shakespeare Festival Asso.