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Interlude Tours: Home Pickup and Return Included in All Tours for Customers Departing by Air from Indianapolis International Airport and Living in the Indianapolis Metro Area

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Interlude Tours: Home Pickup and Return Included on All Tours Departing by Air from Indianapolis

Interlude Tours: Home Pickup and Return Included on All Tours Departing by Air from Indianapolis

At Interlude Tours, our philosophy is that your trip should be 0% fuss, 100% vacation. For this reason, home pickup and return is included in all tours for customers departing by air from Indianapolis International Airport and living in the Indianapolis metro area (Marion County or a county adjacent to Marion; if your home is outside this area, an extra charge may apply). You have no worries about transportation at any stage of your trip, since we take care of all the details.

(By the way, if you are not departing from Indianapolis, we will gladly custom-arrange your air travel and home pickup and return–we do this all the time!)

Let’s take a look at how convenient transportation is when you choose Interlude….

Before your tour:
Interlude provides you a personalized itinerary and “joining instructions

Interlude always provides you a complete, personalized itinerary before your tour. This itinerary lets you know the hour your professional chauffeur will be picking you up at your home. In addition, “joining instructions” let you know where and when you’ll be meeting your tour guide, professional chauffeur, or shuttle at your destination airport.

We also provide the phone number of your tour director and, of course, the Interlude Tours emergency number so that we can assist you should any problems arise. Flight delay? No problem–we will immediately develop a new plan to assist you and make sure you reach your destination as comfortably and conveniently as possible. We are true experts at adjusting to circumstances!

On the first day of your tour:
A professional chauffeur picks you up at home

At the appointed hour, a professional chauffeur arrives at your home, assisting you with your luggage and making sure you have a comfortable journey to the airport. The type of automobile will vary by the number of passengers, amount of luggage, etc., and could be a luxury sedan, limousine, van, or SUV.

At your destination:
Comfortable transportation awaits you

Your Interlude joining instructions give you complete confidence that you’ll know exactly where to go once you reach your destination. Who is there to greet you will depend on the particular tour. Sometimes the tour director will greet you and other clients and show you to your luxury motor coach. Sometimes a professional driver will greet you and drive you to the first stop on your tour. And sometimes you’ll simply take a shuttle to your hotel.

After your tour is complete:
Interlude returns you home with wonderful memories

After your tour is complete, we make sure that you reach the airport on time, and, once you are back in Indy, a professional driver sees you comfortably home, again providing assistance with your luggage (which is perhaps now heavier and bulkier with purchases from your trip!).

At Interlude tours, we truly take care of even the smallest detail so that all you have to do is enjoy yourself and create wonderful memories. Please give one of our tours a try–you’ll love the difference you experience!

Photo by BrendelSignature; used with permission.

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