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What is a Guided Vacation by Interlude Tours?

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In our blog posts, we talk a lot about “guided vacations,” so I wanted to provide you with a bit more information on this important term.

Interlude Tours: Guided Vacation

Interlude Tours: Guided Vacations

There are two general approaches to a vacation. The first is one that you plan yourself and manage yourself. “Unguided,” if you will. You set your own itinerary and arrange for your own transportation at every stage of the trip.

There are many types of vacations in which this is the best approach. For example, you rent a house on an island for a month and just relax, enjoying the locale. Usually the area is one with which you are already intimately familiar, and you require no assistance to enjoy yourself.

Suppose, however, you wish to venture into new territory. Here, again, you have the option of going the “guided vacation” or the “unguided vacation” route. If you go unguided, you will be planning each step of the way, arranging all of your hotel accommodations, meals, tours, transportation, etc.

The “unguided” route is entirely valid and appropriate for some situations. At Interlude, however, we feel that the guided vacation approach works a particular kind of magic for our destinations and brings the greatest amount of benefit to our clients.

With a guided vacation:

Interlude Tours: Guided Vacations

We do ALL the driving.

Vacations are all about observation, drinking in the destination. On an Interlude guided vacation, you can sit back, relax in our luxury coaches, and just take in all of the amazing things you are experiencing. Not having to drive and worry about parking makes a huge difference in your ability to enjoy and experience.

We take care of ALL the details.

Not only do we plan the itinerary down to the smallest detail, we have the experience to roll with the punches and make adjustments based on inclement weather and other untoward circumstances. In other words, we plan out a spectacular tour and make sure we keep it spectacular all the way through. Our tour managers–either our own or those selected by our 33 specialist partners throughout the country, make sure that happens. You simply enjoy yourself, knowing that you are in good hands.

Perhaps even more importantly, our knowledge of locations and our connections in the travel industry allow us to select the combination of destinations that provides the best experience and the best value.


Guided Vacation

Image Courtesy Bill Morrow CC BY 2.0_Flickr

You enjoy 0% fuss, 100% vacation.

We all have had vacations that didn’t go as planned: we got a flat tire, it rained the day of the tour we’d planned, we got lost on the way to a destination, and so on. When you go on an Interlude Tours guided vacation, however, all of these concerns are far from your mind. You know that we’re going to make everything right.

The photos in this post, which were taken on two different tours*, give a clear picture of the mood on all of our guided vacations: you enjoy true relaxation and the camaraderie of great people. We prepare for you all of these amazing experiences; you take them in, forming memories that will last a lifetime.

We invite you to explore our many tours and know that you will love all that a guided vacation has to offer!

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