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Cruise Charming Mississippi River Towns

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Cruise Charming Mississippi River Towns

Image Courtesy Alton Regional CVB

Why not make this fall a time to relax and remember? Join us on our Fall Fling along the Mississippi from St. Charles to Alton for four days of relaxing fun and interesting adventure. Lots of good food, beautiful scenery and a chance to go cruising down the river on a Paddleboat. The Spirit of Peoria is no ordinary paddleboat as it has no props or thrusters but is powered by twin Caterpillar 3412 diesel gensets – allowing the boat to be comparatively fast and efficient. I found this review that I wanted to share with you – just to get another outside perspective:

We were told that the Illinois River has about the best fall colors in the nation because they are closer to you and the colors are more vibrant. The trees were just turning when we took our 2 day cruise Sept. 29 and 30. The colors are supposed to last about a month…. This was perfect – just the right amount of time …. Just like an ocean cruise, there was lots of wonderful food and non- stop entertainment.

This Interlude also gives you an opportunity to step way back into the early nineteenth century into the historic Village of Elsah. A treasured bit of American history, you will walk its streets and get a true glimpse of nineteenth century living. It’s narrow valley setting, tucked gently between high bluffs, is especially lovely in the fall. Ever wonder what life was like living along the river in the 1800? You are about to find out! Once again, as on the Paddleboat, we invite you to join us as we leave the hectic pace of our everyday lives and enjoy the special character and quiet atmosphere found in the Village of Elsah.

Elsah buildings represent a Midwestern interpretation of 19th century vernacular styles. The prevalent style of the earliest houses is a simplified Greek Revival. Later buildings sometimes incorporated elements of other styles such as Gothic, Second Empire, or Italianate. What is most appealing is that so many original buildings remain in their original settings. When new buildings and additions remain in scale with the old, one feels that little has changed. We have been told that people are generally fascinated with Elsah because they can discover a bygone era that existed before they did and relish the discovery. While visiting you will notice a place where the past blends gracefully with the present.

Please read the full itinerary and plan to step back and relax with us as we cruise charming Mississippi river towns .

Fall Fling Along the Mississippi (click here for details)

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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