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Over the River and Through the Woods (and up in the Clouds You Go)

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Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train

Image courtesy Trip Advisor/Mariah_nonni

Day 4 on this guided vacation to beautiful New England will find you in New Hampshire where you will enjoy a scenic cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee and have the opportunity to check out the interesting shopping in beautiful Wolfeboro. Next you tour the fascinating former mountaintop estate of Thomas Plant known as Castle in the Clouds. The mansion is an unusual example of Arts and Crafts architecture in New England, totally dedicated to expressing that aesthetic movement’s philosophy of living in harmony with nature. The Castle exhibits skilled hand craftsmanship in every aspect of its interior and exterior and features many technological innovations of the early 20th century – a totally fascinating experience, but that’s not all that day 4 holds…

I am intrigued with trains…by now you all have guessed that.  With that in mind I was absolutely delighted that our Interlude through New England offers not only a beautiful train ride on the Café Lafayette Dinner Train, traveling through mountains and woods, featuring lovely streams and gentle flora and fauna; but an extraordinary experience of a restaurant on wheels – a five course gourmet meal complete with cocktails and exceptional service! Included is a refreshing sorbet to cleanse your palate before the main course, of course! Your vehicle for the evening is a beautifully restored 1952 Pullman dining car that takes you back in time to a gentle, unhurried era when dining was a lovely and relaxing experience. The cocktails and music are from 40’s and 50’s and the staff is well trained and excellent as well. Even after dark on the way back they have LED lights under the train that create a beautiful effect for you to relish the scenery after sunset. At the end your extraordinary experience, you are encouraged to walk through each train car including the kitchen – very interesting and most enjoyable.

Please review the complete itinerary and plan to see, not only the beautiful Fall foliage that New England offers, but some outstanding sites that you will savor and remember.  Pack a camera, reserve the dates and call to be sure you don’t miss this tour.

New England Fall Foliage (click here for details)

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