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St. Andrews today continues to reflect the dominant themes of social order – peace, order and stability of its historic past. On this Interlude you will enjoy its famous gridiron street plan, and its quiet, tree lined residential homes, which preserves its unique heritage. After your Whale Watching adventure, you have the afternoon to yourself to experience the picturesque and charming town of St. Andrews By The Sea.  Steeped in history, St. Andrews offers a wealth of museums, historic sites and marine wonders for you to explore and enjoy. Artists continue to flock to St. Andrews, giving it a wide selection of galleries and studios to wander through and savor.

A highlight on your free afternoon might just be a visit to the Garden at Kingsbrae.  Kingsbrae beautifully celebrates St. Andrews’ heritage of fine gardens with its use of old and new gardening styles. You will be delighted to find these great traditions in gardening in the White, Rose, Knot, Perennial and Cottage Gardens, to name but a few. Newer styles are reflected in the Gravel, Edible, Secret and Ornamental Grass gardens as well.  As a traditionalist, I prefer the older style gardens, but make your own decisions as you meander through this floral mecca.

Kingsbrae Garden is also home to a growing collection of sculptures, principally in the Sculpture Garden. The marriage of art and gardens is a natural one. Around the 27-acre Kingsbrae site are metal and glass creations, several works on loan from the Beaverbrook collection, and a variety of animal figures.  Be on the lookout for the Dutch Windmill.  Kingbrae was recently named as one of the top five North American gardens worth travelling for – so add it to your list and join us.  

St. Andrews is truly a unique place. Considering its relatively small population (year round 1700, summer 2500), this wonderful town boasts a public art gallery, a community college, a world class golf course and numerous other amenities often associated with larger centers.

Seafood is plentiful all year (lobsters, oysters, crabs, mussels, clams, scallops, and salmon) and prepared in as many ways as there are chefs. According to Fodor’s you can cast your line just about anywhere in New Brunswick and you’ll find some kind of fish-and-chips. Try snacking on dulse, a dried purple seaweed as salty as potato chips and as compelling as peanuts. Don’t you just love new food experiences?

The old world charm is sure to enchant you and the treasure trove of original architecture is magnificent. St. Andrews boasts some of the most awe-inspiring and unparalleled scenery New Brunswick has to offer and it is waiting to totally enthrall you. Steeped in turn-of-the-century charm, St. Andrew’s By the Sea is only one of the fabulous destinations on this Atlantic Maritimes sojourn.

Please review the complete itinerary and become part of this lovely escorted vacation.

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Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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