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San Juan Islands Guided Vacation

Image Courtesy Roche Harbor.com

San Juan Islands Guided Vacation

If you are like most of us, the sight of a midshipman conjures all kinds of fantasies. These are the men and women who help keep our country safe, often on board the most incredible vessels. Ships like submarines and destroyers, mind sweeps and tugs… all manner of sea-worthy vehicles that launch into battle when necessary or patrol our shores to keep the peace as needed. Have you ever wondered how these massive transports are built or how they are maintained – all to keep our country safe? Wander no more. On this glorious Interlude to the far north coast of Washington State you will be treated to spectacular Naval vessels and learn of the legacy of the maritime heritage of Puget Sound. Live the life of a sailor through exhibits and tours. If only the shipyard could tell stories! Well it practically does…Interactive exhibits will delight, amaze and often horrify you as these ships “tell” their tales. Visiting this site is guaranteed to give you a whole new sense of pride in the expertise and ingenuity of our naval personnel.

A little history…Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was originally established in 1891 as a Naval Station and designated Navy Yard Puget Sound in 1901. During World War I, the Navy Yard constructed ships, including 25 subchasers, seven submarines, two minesweepers, seven sea-going tugs, and two ammunition ships, as well as 1,700 small boats. During World War II, the Shipyard’s primary effort was the repair of battle damage to ships of the U.S. Fleet and those of its Allies. It was after WW11 that Navy Yard Puget Sound was designated Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The Shipyard engaged in an extensive program of modernizing carriers, including converting conventional flight decks to angle decks. During the Korean conflict, the Shipyard was engaged in the activation of ships. In the late 1950’s the Shipyard entered an era of new construction with the building of a new class of guided missile frigates. USS SCULPIN (SSN 590) was the first nuclear powered submarine worked on at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1965.

In 1990 the U.S. Navy authorized a program to recycle nuclear powered ships at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Approximately 6%* of the Shipyard’s workload involves inactivation, reactor compartment disposal, and recycling of ships. The Shipyard has pioneered an environmentally safe method of deactivating and recycling nuclear-powered ships. This process places the U.S. Navy in the role of being the world’s only organization to design, build, operate, and recycle nuclear powered ships.

This is but the beginning of a fantastic adventure through the San Juan Islands and Hurricane Ridge. Please read the complete itinerary and prepare to join us on this exciting, interesting and fun-filled tour. You even get to experience a three day cruise in these beautiful, clear, bright blue waters!

As a slogan for the Navy once stated: “Let The Journey Begin” for your San Juan Islands Guided Vacation.

San Juan Islands & Hurricane Ridge:  6 nights/7 days (click here for details)

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