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It is among the most renowned trains in the world. This legendary train linking Toronto to Vancouver now appears on the Canadian $10 bill of the Bank of Canada. Whether it’s breathtaking views, friendly service or world-class food, this train has been creating unforgettable moments for decades, and you can be a part of it all! On this cross-country passage you will experience four days, five provinces and four time zones!!

The train’s path showcases some of Canada’s most beautiful forests, lakes, mountains and prairie grasslands, as well as the people who live in the cities and towns along the way. As you travel in comfort and convenience from town to town you will soon sense the mosaic of cultures that have shaped this country through the centuries and get a real sense of the character of a nation whose identity is as colorful as the land itself. This is a travel experience unlike any other! Whether urban or remote each visage is picturesque and lovely. On board The Canadian, you’ll discover the beauty of Canada’s landscape and cities at a pace that allows you to be in-tune with the nature around you – what a concept!

All meals are included with the sleeping accommodations on board and there are three seatings. Prepare to be served with china, silver and real linen and enjoy some fine Canadian wines with your meal. Meals are prepared fresh by the chefs on board the fully renovated Dining cars. Satiating breakfasts, tasty lunches, and regional specialties are sure to satisfy your taste buds and you will find each meal to be excellent and the service friendly and professional.

As Sleeper guests, you have exclusive use of the signature domed Park Car and the other dome cars. How about enjoying an after-dinner drink while watching the stars – how civilized. On board the Panorama car, you’ll be seated by windows that extend to the ceiling and fill the space with natural light. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the enveloping beauty of the landscape as it unfolds before your very eyes.

I’ve been told that the last leg (Jasper to Vancouver) is by far the most scenically spectacular, but you shouldn’t overlook the fact that the train itself is a “trip.” In that sense, the route takes you across Canada, but the mode of travel takes you back in time as well to a gentler more refined and thoroughly relaxing way of travel. What are you waiting for… ALL ABOARD!

What to bring –

I checked with the train company and below you will find some invaluable information to make your trip even more enjoyable. Canadian weather varies significantly by season and region. You may want to visit the Canadian weather website at weatheroffice.gc.ca for climate and weather descriptions of the major regions of Canada.

Dress code on the train is casual, even for dinner in the dining car. You may want to bring a sweater as temperatures on the train may vary. Aside from clothing, here are a few other items you may want to consider taking along for your journey:

~ camera & batteries

~ binoculars

~ sunglasses

~ reading material

~ games

~ comfortable footwear

~ medication and personal care products

~ personal audio/video system with headphones

~ passport and/or visas

 Packing – Your accommodation offers very limited storage space. Carrying large suitcases to your cabin or berth may limit movement and risk injury. It is recommended only bringing the clothing you’ll need for the train trip and your personal essentials (including all medication) to your cabin or berth. Please check the website for further baggage policies.

 Special needs – If you require special meals, or have allergies or accessibility concerns, please be sure to let the tour director know at least 48 hours prior to your departure.

Canada has lots to offer, but the train ride itself may just be the highlight of this trip. Think of everything you hate about flying, and then picture this humane, unhurried alternative.

Please review the complete itinerary and call to reserve your spot on this stunning escorted vacation.

Call us to plan your Canadian Rockies train trip.

Eadie, Interlude Blog Team

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